HSR Welcomes Cycle Day for the 8th Time!

HSR Layout’s consistent energy and enthusiasm has always kept the locality brimming with activities on Cycle Days. In collaboration with HSR Cyclists, the layout welcomed Cycle Day for the 8th time with the support of DULT, BCOS, Bangalore Traffic Police and other associate partners. The tree-covered lanes of HSR Layout allowed a liberated 4 km loop ride after a short work out session. As always, group games like tug of war, wheel rolling and slow cycling race were much awaited by the kids.

The bonded spirit of the neighborhood came into light through group skipping challenges, which had couples and friends who challenged each other for the most consistent number of hops.
The 8th Cycle Day received the following responses:

“Cycle day is total entertainment and fun on weekends. The best thing about Cycle day is that we get free cycle rentals to try and explore the streets of HSR. This my 4th Cycle day event and have attended in other layouts also.”   – Amrutha, a HR Professional.

“I have been participating in Cycle Days for the last few months. I really enjoy the way the whole community comes together and enjoy traditional games. I look forward to participating in all cycle days in . “ – Girish, a Builder.
“The best thing about Cycle Day is that it is a community connect. In this era of Facebook and Twitter, Cycle Day opens up opportunities to meet new people and enjoy cycling in open streets.” – Bipul Das, an IT Professional.


The flag off

KIDS OWN THEIR CYCLES: The kids of HSR Layout set off for the cycle ride

The event proved educative through a ‘Cycle maintenance workshop’ organized where the residents were taught about the best riding postures and ways of maintaining various parts of a bicycle.

Cycle day -HSR layout

TURN INTO A CYCLIST: The residents being given instructions about cycling

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Sanjay Nagar Takes Cycle Day To New Levels!

This Sunday, the residents of Sanjay Nagar took ‘Cycle Day’ to new levels. To reform their locality and to revive Bangalore to its old forms in terms of cycling, were the only things ringing in the heads of the residents. While local partners majorly focused on encouraging everyone to use cycles for short distance commutes, they also provided the participants with eco-friendly carry bags on rental basis. Sanjay Nagar took pride in being the first neighborhood to introduce this concept on Cycle Days.


ENERGY ON A SUNDAY MORNING: The residents of Sanjay Nagar setting off for the cycle ride

The event set off with warm up sessions and the cycle ride was flagged off by the head of traffic police. Local partners were quite successful in maintaining the cycle track convenient and traffic free. Four laps along the track and games like chess, tug of war, frisbee, etc were organized. Dance performances by local groups were a major highlight in the event.


EARLY MORNING SCENE: Warm-up session at the event

As organizers, the presence of some eminent officials from DULT made the event more colorful. The traffic police did their part of managing the traffic on Bhoopsandra main road. The event created a twist in the mindsets of people to think about the usage of sustainable transport and directed the local crowd towards a plastic-free Bangalore and a better world for the future generations as well. 


TRAFFIC POLICE SHOWS INTEREST: The cycle ride being flagged off by the head of traffic police, Bangalore.

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Cycle Day Reaches Vijayanagar Now!

On Sunday (April 26, 2015), the residents of Vijayanagar woke up to ‘Cycle Day’ dawning onto the streets of their neighborhood. The first ever Cycle Day at Vijayanagar was marked a huge success with the participation of 250+ enthusiasts not only from the locality, but also from all across Bangalore, irrespective of their age. The event was anchored by the Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT), initiated by Bangalore Coalition for Open Spaces (BCOS), with the co-operation of the local partner CARE ALL foundation  and local sponsor LALITHA ENTERPRISES. Also, MLA M Krishnappa and Rajya Sabha member Prof. Rajeev Gouda showed their presence in the event. In addition to cycle rides, there was an overwhelming response to the Yoga performance by experts from Prashanth Yoga Center. All the participants cycled and marched along the streets of Vijayanagar and Humpi nagar, thriving for motor free roads on Sundays.


Cycle Day at Vijayanagar


Participants of all age groups at Cycle Day


Yoga Performance by experts from Prashanth Yoga Center

Traditional games like Aligulimane, Buguri, Tug of war and slow cycling were also some of the interesting events. Other activities like Aerobics and Dance performances kept the spirits of the neighborhood even higher.
On the whole, the streets of Vijayanagar turned out vibrant where one could witness unhesitant residents thronging to cycle, dance, revive all forgotten traditional street games, thereby re-living their childhood again.


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The Beginning……

Good afternoon Bangalore ….. Here’s the official blog site for the cycle day event anchored by DULT and initiated by BCOS. This is a very good plat form to get updated about the cycle day that is been conducted every Sunday in the various places of Bangalore. So, stay tuned for the all new updates and posts and make Bangalore motor free road at least on Sundays.


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