FAQ – Cycle Day

  • What is Bengaluru Cycle Day Initiative?
    The Cycle Day initiative is a campaign launched to promote cycling and the concept of ‘Open streets.’ The underlying idea is to raise public awareness for non-motorized
    transport (NMT) as a sustainable means of transportation and pedestrianization.
    The objective is to make the public adapt to cycling for short distance commutes,
    shopping runs or leisure and thereby reduce pollution and traffic congestion while
    adopting a healthier lifestyle.
  • Who conducts Bengaluru Cycle Day?
    The Cycle Day events are conducted by the Bengaluru Coalition for Open Streets
    (BCOS) and anchored by Directorate of Urban land Transport (DULT). The BCOS
    comprises of partners which includes ESAF (NGO), Praja RAAG (non-profit
    society for advocacy on civic issues) and individual cycling enthusiasts and is
    supported by Bangalore Police (Traffic and law &order) and BBMP. In other words
    it is a public-private Initiative to make Bengaluru a bicycle and pedestrian friendly
  • When is Bengaluru Cycle Day conducted?
    The Cycle Day was initially conducted on every last Sunday of the month and
    remains in the chosen area for three consecutive months before moving to the next
    location. Now, it has become a weekly event (every Sunday) in different neighborhoods. Previous events have been conducted in Cubbon Park area, Jayanagar, HSR layout and Indiranagar, Sanjay Nagar, Rajaji Nagar, Malleshwaram, Whitefield, Hebbal. However, Community Partners can conduct Cycle Day in their locality on any Sunday as per their convenience.
  • Where and how is Bengaluru Cycle Day conducted?
    The Bengaluru Cycle Day event is conducted in different localities in the Bengaluru
    Metropolitan area and each event is organized in an “open streets” format where
    1+ km long stretch of the road is blocked to traffic for 4 hours so as to create a safe
    space for public to enjoy street activities and games. The event itself starts with a
    cycle ride of 2.5-6 kms on designated route which is cordoned off and a safe cycling
    path is created to ensure safety of riders. A nominal number of free bicycles are
    provided to the public but the idea is to encourage people to bring their own cycles
    and enjoy the ride in their locality. Street games like hopscotch, are organized and
    fitness activities like yoga are organized with activity partners.
  • How do we get involved with it?
    There are many ways that you can engage with us:
     As participants
     As volunteers
     As activity partner
     As community partners
     As sponsorers

    As a participant, you can attend the event with your family and friends and spread the message to your friends and acquaintances through social networking media or other means available to you. This will help the cause to grow in visibility and outreach and this will pave the way for enabling government initiatives and public policy making that will put the pedestrian first and reduce congestion problems caused by burgeoning motorized vehicle ownership.

    As a volunteer, you can get involved by registering as volunteer either through the Cycle Day facebook page (www.facebook.com/blrcycleday) or by sending an email to
    dultcycleday@gmail.com indicating your interest to be a volunteer for this cause.You will need to give us details of yourself – email address and contact number so that we can keep you in the information loop.You will be asked to volunteer your time and briefed with the roles and duties or tasks that you will be assigned before the event.

    As an activity partner, you can organize the activity in a designated space on the open street that is blocked off for the event. You are also entitled to advertise your company or organization by using a banner or standee as approved by BCOS. The focus of the activity partner should be related to health and fitness themes such as yoga, zumba, tai chi etc.