Cycle Day at JP Nagar – From Scratch to Hatch

Niveditha Ravikumar

Joel A. Barker, a futurist said– ‘Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.’

The urban population of the country’s past failed to significantly address issues of traffic congestion, pollution levels and environmental degradation, because of which the solutions for the same are increasingly promoted and highly debated today. Usage of sustainable modes of transport being one of the most invaluable methods solving multiple urban and transport issues, involves extensive participation of the citizens and implication in our day-to-day lives.

As Gandhiji said– ‘Be the change you want to see in this world.’

The Department of Urban Land Transport (Karnataka) has been striving to be the change by creating a twist in the mindsets of people about the usage of long-lasting sustainable modes of transport. The Department has been anchoring ‘Cycle Day’ which has found its place in more than 15 neighborhoods of Bengaluru with every Cycle Day witnessing new community partners joining to address the larger urban issues. However, the initiative is at its soaring pace to reach localities which demand to be revivified with bicycle wheels and other non-motorized transport facilities. Other than community partners, there have been individuals with a strong inclination towards sustainability taking necessary steps to transform their places of living into bicycle neighborhoods.

One such individual is Sanjana Mada, an architect by education and currently a Fellow at DULT who took the onus of organizing Cycle Day at her neighborhood, JP Nagar 7th Phase. When asked about what goes into the preparation and organizing of Cycle Day, the sustainability-freak pensively said, “While the idea of Cycle Day in JP Nagar 7th Phase arose in mid December, the preparations for it began in the first week of February. It took us several meetings to hammer out the details of the activities and sponsorships, and sufficient emphasis was given on carrying it out in the most sustainable manner possible. This event while being about organizing and logistics, is also about active conversations with your local resident groups and government bodies.” 

The following video is a documentation of the preparation, coordination and involvement that went into organizing Cycle Day at JP Nagar 7th Phase on February 28, 2015.

Gaurav, a six year old kid said, “I washed my cycle yesterday and was waiting for Sunday morning. I am liking to see this road with no bikes and cars, it helps me ride freely.”

Vishal Arora, a member of Brigade Gardenia Apartment Owners’ association said, “I was overwhelmed by the response of people, especially younger kids and teens. The number of cyclists for the long distance ride was a blowout and I loved every minute of the event. Looking forward for the next one.”


About Bangalore Cycle Day

Welcome to the official Facebook page for Bengaluru's "Cycle Day" campaign. Cycle Day is anchored by the Bangalore Coalition for Open Streets (BCOS) - a non-profit collective comprising of the Directorate of Urban Land Transport, Praja RAAG, EMBARQ India, ESAF and individual citizens. Our mission is to transform Bangalore through cycling and open streets, creating active communities, connected citizens and happy neighbourhoods. More and more people are beginning to adopt cycling as a healthy, green, economical and fun alternative to driving. In a city like Bengaluru, a cycle sometimes offers a faster commute than motorized transport! There are few better ways to get to know this city than by cycling through its landscape, drinking in its myriad sights and sounds. The year-round brilliant weather makes the experience that much sweeter. On the last Sunday of every month, get outdoors, enjoy the fresh air, scenery, and the sense of freedom and abandon that cycling is all about! Even if you haven't cycled in years, rediscover the joy of cycling this Cycle Day.
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One Response to Cycle Day at JP Nagar – From Scratch to Hatch

  1. Prof. Dr. Syed Shabih-ul-Hassan Zaidi says:

    Nice effort towards achieving a sustainable transport and sustainable development.


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