Cycle Day gets themed for the first time!

Niveditha Ravikumar

While ‘Cycle Day’ is a theme by itself, the youth brigade of Coffee Board Layout strike more fun and value to it. The 107th Cycle day in Bangalore was themed ‘Masti ki Pathshala’ and hosted by the Rotaract Club, Presidency College in conjunction with the residents of the layout in Nagavara. The theme created an enhanced aura of joy where all cycle enthusiasts obliged to responsible warm up sessions followed by three rounds of cycle rides across the beautiful avenues of Nagavara. Additionally, the concept of Open Streets fused with Cycle Day helped the neighborhood experience the feel of openness and enjoy various games like lagori, badminton, chess, ludo etc.


TWIST IN THE MINDSETS: The spirit of cycling wants to experienced by all age groups.

Many guests including RJ Raj seemed to have a lot of fun in the lively atmosphere , participating in his favorite games; and Rtr. Vinod Sir was noticed cycling from RMV to the venue along with Rtr Mohan, Rtr Anita and Lalitha.

The event culminated with a splendid musical performance by Ankur Tripathi and his band members consisting of Shubham and Rohit. Also, Manav Seth (President Rotaract Club) dedicated a song to the Rotaractors team for the first successful event in Nagavara and invited the crowd for the next event scheduled to be held on the 14th of February 2016 which happens to be Valentine’s day.

Irrespective of age and possession of cycles, the community came together to socialize and promote cycling, keeping in mind the whole cause behind the initiative.

BCOS welcomes aboard our very first university partner Presidency College (Rotaract club), Hebbal who will be hosting Cycle Day at Nagavara (Coffee Board Layout) on the second Sunday of February and March. This community partner in Nagavara has been the youngest group of people BCOS have worked with till date.


About Bangalore Cycle Day

Welcome to the official Facebook page for Bengaluru's "Cycle Day" campaign. Cycle Day is anchored by the Bangalore Coalition for Open Streets (BCOS) - a non-profit collective comprising of the Directorate of Urban Land Transport, Praja RAAG, EMBARQ India, ESAF and individual citizens. Our mission is to transform Bangalore through cycling and open streets, creating active communities, connected citizens and happy neighbourhoods. More and more people are beginning to adopt cycling as a healthy, green, economical and fun alternative to driving. In a city like Bengaluru, a cycle sometimes offers a faster commute than motorized transport! There are few better ways to get to know this city than by cycling through its landscape, drinking in its myriad sights and sounds. The year-round brilliant weather makes the experience that much sweeter. On the last Sunday of every month, get outdoors, enjoy the fresh air, scenery, and the sense of freedom and abandon that cycling is all about! Even if you haven't cycled in years, rediscover the joy of cycling this Cycle Day.
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